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The Quiet Dance (2006, 20 minutes)

The Quiet Dance is a walking duet in which two performers pass up and down a diagonal line, sharing alternated, overlapped and unison materials. The piece plays upon the memory and expectation created by a combination of predictable and unpredictable choreographic choices. These include different kinds of walk, changes of speed and rhythm and the use of voice, which has become the most memorable feature of the performance.


The principle of the piece is 'walking never boring'.


The score shared here is from a recent reworking of the choreography and is designed to fit neatly into a pocket, from where it can be easily pulled out and read between sections. The notes are written in the most simple way possible, with one or two words to represent each new material and a number to show how many times that material will cross the diagonal. Material performed by Matteo is marked 'M', material performed by Jonathan is marked 'J', and material performed together is marked 'MJ'.


Created and performed by Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion.


© Burrows&Fargion 2023

The Quiet Dance score 2.jpg
The Quiet Dance score 2.jpg
The Quiet Dance score 3.jpg
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