Performances and Teaching




January 10th- 28th

B&F Workshop at SEAD, Salzburg

January 15th to 17th 

JB Inventing Embodiment workshop with Scott deLahunta, Tanzfabrik Berlin

January 19th to 21st 

JB Back To The Lab hip hop mentoring project with Jonzi D at Sadler's Wells Theatre,


January 27th 

JB Public talk  with with Bojana Cvejić and Guido Orgs- Almost Feeling It,  University of the Arts Oslo


February 14th to 18th 

JB teaching at  Kask Ghent 


February 21st to 23rd

JB Rethinking Choreography, with Bojana Cvejić, Tanzquartier Vienna


March 9th

B&F Both Sitting Duet/Science Fiction - CNDC, Angers


April 2nd, 3rd

B&F  Both Sitting Duet, Palazzo Grassi, Venice 


April 19th-22nd

MF Flowers (We Are) with Claire Croizé (ECCE)  Theatre de la Bastille,  Paris

May 5th, 6th

B&F Rewriting/Science Fiction Lilian Baylis Theatre, London


May 9th-23rd

B&F teaching at CNDC, Angers


May 25th (tbc)

JB Public talk as part of 'Modes of Capture: The Capturing of Process in Contemporary Dancemaking' organised by Jenny and Liz Roche, Dublin,


June 7th, 8th

MF Bad Dante Bad English Bad Opera  (with Spreafico Eckly)  Festspiele, Bergen



18th-22nd January 

JB  Back To The Lab hip hop mentoring project in collaboration with Jonzi D - Sadler's Wells Theatre, London


25th-29th January

JB Workshop with Bojana Cvejić - P.A.R.T.S., Brussels


25th January- 13th February 

B&F Online workshop- SEAD, Salzburg

6th-19th February

JB online teaching - Kask, Ghent.


15th-19th February

JB Online workshop - Oslo National Academy of the Arts


February 22nd-March 5th

JB Imagine Home, British Council online mentoring project, Venezuela


March 30th

JB  The Gaps Between, online talk for Kingston University, organised by Daniella Perrazzo


March 31st 

JB Almost Feeling It, online talk and conversation with Rachel Krische for Leeds Beckett University


10th April 

B&F  Cheap Lecture/The Cow Piece - INMM (Institute for New Music), Darmstadt [cancelled due to Covid19]


April 19th-24th

JB Back To The Lab hip hop mentoring project with Jonzi D at Sadler's Wells Theatre, London


7th May

B&F  Science Fiction (new performance) - Hessische Theaterakademie, Frankfurt [cancelled due to Covid19]

May 10th-21st

JB workshop with Alesandra Seutin at Écoles des Sables, Senegal


June 25th 

JB Podcast interview with Siobhan Murphy Melbourne about 52 Portraits


3rd July

MF The Solo Piece, Universal Hall, Findhorn 


30th July

MF Premiere of En Route, a collaboration with Luca Silvestrini (Protein), live music for brass band, Woolwich, London


9th-13th August 

B&F Doing Things with Music - workshop at Impulstanz, Vienna


4th September 

Premiere of The Nobby Saddy Quartet (String Quartet no 5),  Music We’d Like to Hear, St Mary’s at Hill, London


18th-19th September

MF Premiere of Bad Dante Bad English Bad Opera, (with Spreafico Eckly)  Rosendal Theatre, Trondheim 


27th October-1st November

MF Workshop- Institut de Teatre, Barcelona


6th- 9th October 

B&F The 3 Day Solo - Workshop at Wainsgate Dances, Hebden Bridge, UK


9th October 

B&F  Music For Lectures: Get Lost with Wendy Houstoun - Wainsgate Chaopel, Hebden Bridge, UK 


20th - 24th October 

MF Workshop,  Anghiari Dance Hub, Anghiari, Italy


1st-5th November

MF Workshop,  Icelandic University of the Arts Masters Programme, Reykjavik


16th-17th November

B&F  Workshop,  Limerick Dance, Limerick


17th November

B&F  Rewriting/Science Fiction, St John’s Church, Limerick, Ireland

19th–21st November

B&F 52 Portraits (with Hugo Glendinning) Live screening Dance House, Melbourne

27th November

B&F  Both Sitting Duet/Rewriting - COFestival Ljubljana


2nd December

MF Penelope Sleeps (with Mette Edvardsen) RIMI, Stavanger


3rd December

B&F  Rewriting/Science Fiction- IMIR/RIMI, Stavanger, Norway

Music For Lectures/Every word was once an animal with Mette Edvardsen, IMIR/RIMI, Stavanger 






JB What would be another word for it?, text for a talk given at the 5th C-DaRE Dance and Somatics Practice Conference, published in Maska magazine Slovenia December 2021


JB Dancing in Car Parks, article co-written with 'Funmi Adewole and Katye Coe to be published in Performance Research Journal 26.2 On (Un)Knowns, 2021


JB Talking together about the ethics of training, conversation between Jonathan Burrows and Alesandra Seutin, to be published as part of Ethical Agility in Dance:Rethinking Technique in British Contemporary Dance, edited by Noyale Colin and Catherine Seago


JB Short text on 'A moment when I gained new insight into my practice', commissioned by Etc. Magazine, Belgium