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Writing Dance (Varamo Press, 2022)
Jonathan Burrows' new book Writing Dance (Varamo Press, 2022) is now available to buy. The book is a collection of thoughts, observations and questions about practice, drawn from talks and fragments of writing over the
 past 10 years,

You can order the book online for €10 plus postage from Books On The Move













A Choreographer's Handbook (Routledge, 2010)
Burrows' A Choreographer's Handbook (Routledge, 2010) is still available and can be bought from a number of different online sources. The book is written as a series of questions and observations about choreography and performance, 
and is intended as a resource to help artists re-examine how they approach their own work and practice. The book is designed to allow the reader to browse through and cross reference ideas in any order, and is accessible to artists from all performance disciplines including dance, theatre, music and visual arts. It has sold over 18,000 copies worldwide and been translated into German (Tanz Magazine, 2010), Slovenian (Maska, 2011), French (Contredanse, 2017), Bulgarian (Metheor, 2017), Chinese (Bookman Books, 2020) and Korean (Workroom Press, 2022).

Published articles by Jonathan Burrows


Thinking Together About the Ethics of Training, article co-authored with Alesandra Seutin for the book Ethical Agility in Dance: Rethinking Technique in British Contemporary Dance, edited by Dr Noyale Colin and Dr Catherine Seago (University of Winchester), draft publication date Spring 2023


Can I Start Again Please, article co-authored with Sue MacLaine for the book Wittgenstein and Performance, edited by Dr Mischa Twitchin (Theatre and Performance Dept., Goldsmiths, University of London) for the Performance Philosophy Network, draft publication date Spring 2023


Creativity, skill, integrity, intelligence and community: A conversation on the nature of practice in hip hop, co-authored with Robert Hylton for the Journal of the Society for Dance Research, edited by Sarah Whatley, draft publication date Spring 2023

Dancing In Car Parks, article co-authored with Dr 'Funmi Adewole and Katye Coe for Performance Research Magazine 26.4 On (Un)Knowns, 2022

What would be another word for it?, text for a talk given at the 5th C-DaRE Dance and Somatics Practice Conference, published in Maska magazine Slovenia December 2021


Dancing in Car Parks, article co-written with 'Funmi Adewole and Katye Coe to be published in Performance Research Journal 26.2 On (Un)Knowns, 2021


Talking together about the ethics of training, conversation between Jonathan Burrows and Alesandra Seutin, to be published as part of Ethical Agility in Dance:Rethinking Technique in British Contemporary Dance, edited by Noyale Colin and Catherine Seago


Short text on 'A moment when I gained new insight into my practice', commissioned by Etc. Magazine, Belgium

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