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Body Not Fit For Purpose (2014, 30 minutes)

Body Not Fit For Purpose is a duet which takes place sat at a table, with Burrows making a series of gestural solos and Fargion playing Mandolin. Each section is preceded by an overtly political title which has no direct connection to what we see and hear. The dancing body is revealed as 'not fit for purpose', but at the same time both movement and music appears to absorb and amplify the meanings inherent in the titles we hear.


The movement and music are built upon the classical form 'La Folia' - ABA CDC AB. Burrows and Fargion choreographed and scored respectively one 'La Folia' each day for 51 days, and at the end of each day whatever movement and music had been created was put together. The political titles were added later and then the final piece was ordered according to the accumulating meaning of the titles.

The scores shared here show the movement material for the first three gestural dances, with the movements described and drawn, and the 'La Folia' form clearly visible.

Created and performed by Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion.


© Burrows&Fargion 2023

Body Not Fit For Purpose score 1.jpg
Body Not Fit For Purpose score 2.jpg
Body Not Fit For Purpose score 3.jpg
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